R. B. "Rick" Saiger

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  After joining the Navy in '58,  I was sent to China Lake, California.  It took 20 years to get me off of the desert, but Kris, my wife of 30 plus years, and I, were ready for a career change.

We moved from the high desert down to Orange County.  Kris attended Long Beach State, and I went for a Real Estate license. Kris got her degree, but I didn't care at all for the real estate business.

Suddenly the whole picture changed. Two dogs ran in front of my vehicle.  The screech of my tires brought the owner out. We got acquainted and chatted for about a half hour.  It occurred to me that he needed a gate to keep his dogs in the yard.   I still like making gates,  and I still like dogs.